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I am an Evil Twin

Or how to eat a pim

Georgiana McEvil
4 May
I am evil, I am a twin and squibling to pim2005 (has anyone told her yet she is out of date now?).

I allow her to live because she feeds me surplus drabble characters now and then. Who will be next I wonder.

*eyes gleams*
alpine huts, avalanches, axes, banqueting, bayonets, beheading, being evil, billowing dresses, black death, blood, bloodthirstiness, blowing up helmel hampster, boiling tar, bonfires, bows and arrows, brimstone, bunny rabbits, burning books, cackling, canons, carving knives, castles, coffins, creating an evil dynasty, cronos, crypts, death, decapitation, desks, destoying the chalet school, drawbridges, eating colin firth, eating coolllynne, eating doctors, eating john barrowman, eating lizard's clients, eating mr darcy, eating sharlie, eating vikki's teddy bears, evil, explosions, feasting, figments of my imagination, fire, flagpoles, flames, floral prints, fluffy socks, fluffy white underwear, funeral pyres, funerals, georgia proof fences, glorious tresses, glowering, glowering at ally, gore, gorgeous georgia, graveyards, guts, hades, hanging drawing and quartering, harpies, ickle fluffly lambikins, iconses, impaling, killing coollllynne, killing hilda annersley, killing in general, killing kathie ferrars, killing nancy wilmot, killing nell wilson, killing pim, killing sharlie, lightning, lurking, matches, mausoleums, medieval torture, mini eggses, moats, mocking, mocking cbbers, mocking the chalet school, mocking the pim, morgues, mottes and baileys, mwahwahwahing, my lair, natural disasters, oxyford, pantaloons, patting gempie, patting the pim, pitchforks, planning, playgrounds, plotting, plotting deaths, plotting with xeno, pluto, pointy heals, pointy shoes, poking, poking the pim, policemen, polishing my claws, pouncing, preening, racking victims, red nail varnish, sacrifical lambs, scalpels, seige warfare, shredding, singing out of tune, skiing disasters, slaughtering, slaves, smirking, snowstorms, spears, spikes, spit roasting, splinters, stabby forks, staff, stealthing, stretching luxuriously, tanks, the cbb, the history of torture, the venging furies, thor, thunder, tombstones, torches, tormenting nell, torture through time, torturing cbbers, torturing fluffy animals, track and field, trebuchet, tridents, tutus, weapons of mass disaster, weirdy stuff from mythology, wonder bras in pink, world domination, yawning, zeus